Clash Royale, a game of challenges

After the wide usage of Smartphone, the world is regularly getting some game or the other. In most cases, the intellect or the ability to play the game is not judged well. This is because the gamers often take shortcuts through the usage of various cheats to get the control over ay game. This availability of cheats does not inspire the real champions to test themselves. In these scenario developers of Clash Royale has omitted the possibility of any cheats with their highsecurity level development. This inspires the real gamers to make the challenge and master the game.

It is known to all that if any source is promising for the cheats then be cautious that might be a plan of theft. The indulgence of using a clash royale hack is simply disclosing every detail to the thieves and thereby losing your account. The players of this game must remember that there is no shortcut in Clash Royale. Each gamer must proceed in this strategic tower game of cards with his own or clans ability.

The game has a resemblance with its predecessor but is not same

Clash Royale had been developed by the developers of Clash of Clan. The company Supercell had kept the appearances of various graphics same as the forerunner. But that is all. There is no similarity in the behavioral pattern of those. There is some little common strategic flow in both the games. But the characters are far apart. The Giant or the Barbarian of the two games does not behave in the same tune. Though the game is totally different still the gamers of Clash of Clan can feel the close adherence of the two. The players would realize a total and allround development of the earlier version.

The game is a strategic battle of cards to defend own towers

The Android phones have got a tremendous strategic game of towers and cards. The battle between two clans goes with the application of different cards. The two opponents defend their respective towers in the two sides of the river. The river is at the middle which divides the area into two halves. The player can move to the other side of the river through two bridges. There are three towers on either side of the river means that the player needs to defend their towers from the attack of the opponent. The game is over when any side fails to defend their tower. After three minutes the clan which has more towers standing in comparison to the opponent is considered to be the winner of the game.

Players send their different fighters to demolish enemy’s tower at the earliest. To save themselves from the various enemies the players take spells. The player should try to retain its position in the higher range. Once he slips in the lower range it gets tougher to control it any more. Each warrior has their own task which they perform to defend or attack the towers of the enemy.