Hacks for Clash of Clans

Are you out of gems? Can’t upgrade your town hall? No worries, here some hacks will be discussed to collect more gems. Gems are like the currency in the game. And to get some gems is quite hard. At first, you will be given some gems and then you can earn more. You can randomly find a gem box in your clan after many days. Even if you’re lucky to get 25 gems still you will need more resource for upgrading the defense or town hall.

Coc is a popular android game played by at least 80% users. It is an online game where you need to upgrade your clan or say village to get more resources and attack other villages. The game is time-consuming as upgradation takes quite a long time. So having some extra gems can easily make your job easy.

Easy hacks

Gems hack: As they are very important so having gems as a resource can easily speed up the upgradation of the town hall. You can also get extra gems by easily removing the stones, trees, and junks or maybe through some achievements. You can also use the hack tool for getting more gems.

Elixir and gold hack: Waiting for the up gradation of elixir collector or gold mines will take a lot of time. You need a lot of elixir and gold for upgrading the construction and for making the army strong.

Attacking: After upgrading the town hall, army, elixir or gold mines try to attack other villages. If you target villages with a huge resource then with some little efforts you can get huge resource even if you lose the match. There are various kind of elixirs and each has their own property.

Join clan: If you join another clan they will help you to fight and in this way, you can get huge resource without spending gems. And even if you fall short in your armies the other clan members will provide some of them to help you win the battle.

If you want to know how to get clash of clans gems from the very beginning try not to spend them lavishly. Have some patience to wait till your village gets upgraded. After the completion of every task, you will be awarded some gems may be 2 or 5. But try to concentrate more on the gold and elixirs as they will help you to survive the game. As your village will have a shield in the initial stage try to spend that time upgrading the town hall. Do not spend gems for speeding up any process. Instead of buying strong army try to buy moderate army in a lot of numbers so that you can easily shot at a place with a lot of armies. But another important thing is very troop will have their own capacity of handling an attack.

You can opt for these Clash of Clans hack for mastering this game. Spend carefully as this game is all about having patience.