How to keep the citizens happy in SimCity buildit?

Simcity buildit was developed and published by EA in 2014 and was a very popular building game. SimCity buildit can be played on both iOS and Android devices. You can also play this game on your PC. In the beginning, you will be the mayor of the city and it is your duty to build up new infrastructures and factories for attracting new citizens who will live in your city and pay your taxes.

With every leveling up new features will be unleashed and one of them is the stunning building that will be three dimensional and you will also get some new historical structures like the Big Ben. The population of this city will be both beneficial and problematic. With growing population, you will have to face more concern and will have to provide more services to keep the citizens happy. So here are some few tips on how to keep your citizens happy in SimCity buildit.

Ways to keep your citizens happy

Happiness Counter: You can check the happiness counter which you can find on the left part of the display screen and it will have some smileys. If the smiley is green then your citizens are happy with you and if you are given with the reading of hundred percent then it indicates that they are signifying you as the best mayor. But if the face of the smileys turns to any other colours apart from green then it indicates that you are going to face some problems.

Citizens are no less than the real peoples: Just like the real people, this citizens will also crave for electricity, low rates of crime, clean water, and all the basic needs which are needed to stay in a particular city. So you should build some police station or fire stations to keep your city safe. You need to keep a track of what the sims are telling you. If a sim is telling you that they are going to join a gang then you will have to build the police station. And if you find that your city is having a lot of heavy traffic then it is high time that you should re-think about building better roads. The Sims want to stay in a city if you are not providing them with enough entertainment and amusement.

Rome was not built in a day: Many mayors have the habit of spending all the game currency or simoleons the moment they are having them. But if you are building a city you need to plan everything accordingly and hence patience is the only thing that can save you in times of need. It is very important to take a proper time and strategies everything and do not keep on building new things because there is no need of rushing in this game. Always spend on the places where it is needed and you should always save so that whenever any citizen is asking for any new services you can provide them.

You can use a Simcity Buildit Hack apk for gaining currencies and resources in this game. These are the few things that will keep your citizens happy and help you to generate more tax from them.