Things that are must know before start playing Free Fire Battleground

Free Fire Battlegrounds has gained huge reputation just after the release. With further improvements and added features it has impressed unlimited targeted gamer who loves shooting. From the various class of gamers gather around an isolated island who try out their supreme skill to dominate the firing zone. Players try his level best to stay till the last and emerge as a new winner. The shooters try out different techniques to kill the opponents by camouflaging, kidnapping or otherwise. They brainwash or even go for a genetic change. The game begins with the parachute diving and placing yourself in the best corner from where you can target all other.

Tips to follow the map in the Battleground

Perhaps you are playing the game for some time but still, it is a good habit to move with the map. You need to explore diverse fields. Before diving into some area in Free Fire Battlegrounds you can plan to hide. You may prefer to hide behind the trees or just drop in the bush with camouflage colors. The trench can also provide a hiding corner.

Tips to select right weapons

The main reason for most of the gamers fails to stay alive until the last because they do not select the right weapon at the right time. So instead of raining bullets on the other opponents, they become an easy target for the other players. Therefore equip yourself with various weapons with the knowledge of their appropriate use. Before the rivals expect anything finishes them with heavy firing from submachine guns or rifles. To make a real looting you must know the usage of various attachments, alternatively, you need to use free fire battlegrounds cheats. Choosing the right attachment at the particular moment of each round increases the chances of your winning the round.

Make your own tricks in Fire Free Battleground

There cannot be any argument that you need to learn from as many sources as possible. But when you start shooting seriously gradually develop your own style. The game offers hundreds of options. So make positive attempts and build your fortune. Sometimes you need to chase your rivals. Sometimes hide and wait for the right moment or keep them taunting from your vehicle. Recently jeep had been added in the game. Use a strong vehicle which would be able to give you enough protection. When you get some enemy on the path try your best to crush them down. Always be alert, all through the game to survive till the last as the last survivor.